You Ought To Know Nashville


Heidi Jewell  (author of the style blog Under the Guise), PBS Digital and Nashville affiliate Npt partnered up to create a web series titled You Ought To Know Nashville.  Heidi enlisted my friend and frequent creative collaborator Jeremy Adams to be the cinematographer and editor.  He then connected with me to be Music Supervisor.  In addition to making some of the soundtrack myself, I also brought in stellar musicians Matt Heasley and Mike Teaney to not only play, but help with creative direction.

Other musicians who participated include: Will Logsdon, Darren Tidwell, Brad Cummings, Chris Ramming, Neece Cummings, James Grau, and Avery Anderson.

Linda Wei is co-producer on the show and  Joe Pagetta is executive producer.  Jeff Leet did the graphic design.

Here are links to Season One:


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